Azure cloud security tutorial series – Chapter 2 [Virtual Network]

Basic Overview 

Network is combination of many different systems connected together. In the Azure cloud security tutorial series – Chapter 1 [Azure Account] we talked about virtual network is a private space in a network where you can play around within systems in that virtual network. It’s a more secure way of putting your own network within a network. Virtual network is also called VNet in the Azure cloud or Microsoft cloud.

Create Virtual Network Step by Step

  1. To create virtual network step by step we will login into https://portal.azure.com and then go to All services > Networking > Virtual Networks
  1.  Hover your mouse over it and you will see + sign. Click + sign
  1. Once you click on Create Virtual network you will see below screen:

Subscription – Select Free Trial

Resource Group – To understand resource group, image how do you manage files on your computer. You create a folder and them put similar files in that folder. Similarly resource group in Azure helps you to manage and organize similar resources using resource group.

  1. Keep Security tab to default values 
  2. In IP Addresses add two subnets as shown below.
  1. Keep tags to default
  2. Now got to Review + create or click Next
  1. After creating you will get screen below:
  1. Now we will add resources to VNet and subnets in next post.

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