As you can see in one of the extension’s scripts below,  it searches for the word Trump and if detected, applies the jQuery fadeout effect to the matched containers in order to hide the text from the page.

Trump Filter Script

When it removes content that contains the word “Trump”, it will also increment a counter that keeps track of all “Trumps removed”. This counter can be seen in the extension options.

Extension Options

Hijacking your Web Search

While the removal of Trump content makes this extension stand out more than the other variants in this family, the main goal of this extension is to hijack search queries done on popular search engines and from the Chrome’s address bar. When installed, if a user searches on  Google, Bing,,,,, and, instead of the search results being returned from the search engine, the user is instead redirected to Yahoo. It is unknown why this behavior is occuring, but my guess is that the developers probably have a revenue share on the ads shown in the Yahoo search results.

The extension’s script that is performing this behavior can be seen below. As you can see if a user performs a search on any of the listed search engines, the query will instead be sent first to, which then currently redirects to

Search Redirect Script

For those who may have this extension installed, or are exhibiting similar behavior, you can try removing the extension. If that does not help, you can use our Affirmativo – Keep Safe! Chrome Extension Removal Guide.